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I have a Fever for The Dark Fever Series

So I finished Dark Fever the other day . The book kind of started slowly for me .But I just have to admit that the very first sentence is what really drew me in! Which was (My philosophy is pretty simple - any day nobody's trying to kill me is a good day in my book.) This Karen Marie Moning knows what she is writing about. It's a series about this girl named Mac Kayla and she is from Georgia . Long story short she goes all the way to Ireland to avenge her older sisters murder. While she is there she learns that she is not only adopted , but  she has a special power that both sisters were born with. She comes to find out that she is a Sidhe-Seer ( a person Fae magic doesn't work on, capable of seeing past the illusions or "glamour" cast by the Fae to the true nature that lies beneath. Some can also see Tabh'rs, hidden portals between realms. Others can sense Seelie and Unseelie objects of power. Each sidh-seer is different, with varying degrees of resistance t…