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Things that say Boo . . in the night

Seriously is it really almost Monday already? I just had a wonderful week off . It’s really nice to be blessed with a job and an option to have vacation time!! So now is the down fault of it all! This is it is coming to an end! Well all good things must come to an end right? If you all love books like I do, then you most likely have a Goodreads account. is a great website where you can have your own online library of books. Where you keep record of all titles and reviews and suggestions.

Well not only do I have my own ,but I just recently started a group. Called Lady Voodoo & Hoodoo Reviews. Please join in , I really need some extra readers to help me out a little with suggestions and so forth.

The topic for today is Ghosts. I am currently started my very own investigation on the Paranormal world. It does really  make you want to know or understand what its really about. Where do we go when we die? Some have no beliefs when it comes to life after death …

Lady Voodoo Weekend Review

Their are a lot of Author's that I really love to read . There are some that only some of there work is good. Then there are some that hasn't let me down yet with everything that they produce. And one of them is Rhiannon Frater. A Hell of a writer, that is for the Horror World. Now I know that I am stating an opinion. But it is very true !
I would know that is all I read is Horror Genre. One of the best zombie books that I've read is  As the World Dies By Rhiannon Frater.

And so if your a die hard fan for her work like I. You will have to follow her to Watt For those of you that have no clue what Watt Pad is?
 I will explain to you with the best of my ability.
Watt Pad is a place where writers go ,  “they say it's one of the best place's to discover and share stories.” It's a YouTube for electronic text stories. Some say it's all unpublished Authors and that's a flat not true. When I just said Rhiannon is there and she is a published writer…

Changes are Coming ,Changes are coming

Guys I just was over at Blog luvin website. I had the biggest issue with trying to claim my own  blog.
To my surprise I found a lot of other blogs with the name Zombie in it. So I decided to change my stage name for my blogs to Lady Book Voodoo & Hoodoo.

         Intriguing right ? I thought so when you see me Lady Zombie is no longer.

The Watchers Trilogy : Awakening BOOK 1 Alone in snowy, remote Whistler village, Ana tries to build a new life since losing her parents. With a cozy condo, a sweet-faced bulldog and an evening job to leave the days free for the slopes, life slips into a great routine. If only she could shake the guilt for not remembering anything about her parents and banish the night terrors that haunt her every dream. On a whim, Ana goes out with Athen, a guy she’s just met in the Grizzly Pub... The only problem is that she feels like she already knows him. Within 48 hours of meeting Athen and his family, Ana’s world implodes. She falls for Athen quickly a…

Manic Monday Mania Review

               MANIC MONDAY MANIA

Good day my reader friends !! Yea it is Monday again and for some of us ,we wanna punch the first person we see in the am that states Hi Good Morning to you! Well I know at least I do anyhow.

Has anyone read any books by Kathy Love yet? I found a series that really caught my eye. It's called Orleans Vampire Series. . .Bk.1 Anyway you want it .  here is a little synopsis

Maggie Gallagher spends her nights with lots of men. Of course, they're all dead composers, but why nitpick? Her love life is just like the musical compositions she researches--undiscovered. It's time for Maggie to let loose and go wild. In a dive bar on Bourbon Street, Maggie makes a real find in the house band's keyboard player. He's hot. Sexy. Flirtatious. Soulful. And she could swear he's playing an unknown piece she's been researching, which is impossible, unless he's dead...

Centuries before he was a badass vampire with a rock-star wardrob…

Friday Night Hunt

Blog Nation once again I have returned ,a Rebel with out a cause. Just kidding . .
Aren't we all ecstatic that its Friday. I would be right along with ya . If I didn't have to open the library tomorrow morning . But all in all I love what I do.
Something to talk about , let's say all my life . Since I can even remember as far back as possible. I always wanted to learn as much as I could about the paranormal. Be it ghosts, aliens, NJ Devil ,what ever. I wanted to know all about it. I can remember that this is one of the main reasons that got me in to reading. My very first chapter book was at my Nanny's house and the book belonged to my uncle .At that time lived at my Nana's house. There was a four year difference between the two of us. So he was more like my brother. But the book that I was reading was all about this demon. Back in the early 1900 the Governor of NJ( Walter Edge) stated  the demon . New Jerseys Official State Demon. Can you imagine a man of such a…