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Monster Island By David Wellington

Monster Island : By David Wellington 
I just discovered this phenomenal writer by the name of David Wellington. If you are like me a horror fan , you will simply love this guy. He has alot of different novels to choose from / From zombies to vampires to werewolves. This book is about an epidemic of course that breaks out all over the world. This guy happens not to be in the U.S at the time ,along with his little girl. He was a weapons inspector for the United states . He ended up being a prisoner in another country and this group called Free Women's Republic ( all girl soldiers by the age of like 16 in catholic girl outfits and A.K 47's strapped along there shoulders. I believe the location is in Africa . He then gets sent to find medication for Aids . Being there is nothing left, he must travel on boat to  The UN Head quarters building  The Secretariat Building in NY , America  . The problem is that when they arrive at South Street Seaport everything looks deserted   . Now the…

Orange Sky (Part 3)

Lanny awoke from her long over due nap. Feeling re-charged and ready to take on those demons. It was day time now and even though there really aren't any windows it seemed lighter in the room. Lanny stretched her body out in the bed, then looked around to see were Jake was. She arose out of the bed and began to walk and look around . She walked upon a metal door, turning the knob and pushing it open. When she did then she discovered another room. A room something like a greenhouse, it had windows in the ceiling to let the sunlight threw with plants and flowers all around. Walking across the room in amazement she smelt roses and lavender . This room was large with a built in lake in the room . It was very much like a pool ,but meant to be more like a lake. It was amazing to see the waterfall streaming into the man made lake. Lanny quickly took off her shoes and dipped her feet right in . Relaxing placing her head back , her long black curls falling down her back . Closing her eyes …

Orange Sky (Part 2)

Lanny knew this could be it for her . Leaning with the palms of her sweaty hands against the metal door. Feeling it rattle and shake . They were trying so effort-sly to get to her! Her body trembling her mind racing with fear and thoughts. She even held the gun closely and even thought about just ending it all right here , right now! In front of her was a dark long hallway to the stairwell . Too dark you can not even see the stairs after the 3rd one going down. Lanny pulled her self off the door and began to approach the stairs slowly. Holding to the rail she walked down step by step. She could feel the dust and dirt underneath her shoes . Trying to tip toe praying nothing could hear her coming.Lanny kept creeping down step to step. When she got to the 3rd set of steps she froze. There was something standing in the shadow of the hallway corner. Fear struck threw her just like a bolt of lighting . Feeling the fear from the tip of her toes to her hands. It did not move at all. Just stoo…
It's a miracle that I even made it this far. The sky is reaching it's famous color of the musky orange ,that it gets come the end of a day. Not that pretty orange we all new from life, when it was a really steaming hot day. The locust were out singing there song telling us another hell burner tomorrow is coming . Lanny thought ,I miss that so much , now I would kill to go back to that time when there were locust or any living thing. In this new world we are lucky to even find anything that is truly living! Anything with flesh and blood don't last. These things smell it out . There is no where to hide.
 Another demon walking flesh eating creature to come out  in the middle of the night or day to feast off someones bones.Well  being that I have not even slept a single night in 4 days. Although these 4 days have turned in to weeks, I think.My god I don't even know what time it is!  Haven't even ate a Morse of a thing ,there is nothing left! Everything is tainted and va…
Let me start this off  by seriously telling you that this book is not for me. I didn't even get in to the 3rd chapter and knew this was weird . For one Stony is a boy zombie being raised by a living family .
He all of sudden began to grow at this rapid rate when he discovered another living boy that lived in there area. They became friends, but as I am reading on .I couldn't help but to keep thinking this other boy's mother knows of Stony. An yet is not to sure about him from the start. But babysits him later an allows the other kid to throw bow an arrows at him . They began to repair him like an old shoe , stitch the sucker up and send him on his Weird to me, I was hoping that he would become this monster an eat the family. Not at all, on the cover it says a different type of zombie. Well there not fibbing , a boring book , I mean I am falling asleep typing this. So this one gets a thumbs down from the Zombie Library Girl. 

Robin Eliza Review

This one is another interesting one . This about a time when zombies took over and then supposedly ended.
A family came across a woman who was frozen dead in a snow pile. With a new-born baby in her arms. The family then begin to take the baby to save it. But when they bring the bundle of joy home , they realize he is dead too. But yet very much alive.
I thought wow this one is really something different to read for sure ! Definitely right up my alley of freaky books to read. I will keep you posted on this and more to come.