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Dark fever

Dark Fever series is another awesome series to read! MacKayla Lane’s life is  great until a tragedy happened in her family . She looses her only Sibling , her sister over sea's in Ireland while attending college. Mac's only goal is to get to the very bottom of what happened to her sister!
When she finally arrives in Ireland she realizes allot more about herself and her sister  then ever attended. More about her blood line and family . Along with an ancient secret with in the very blood the runs threw her very veins. When her sister is murdered, leaving a single clue to her death–a cryptic message on Mac’s cell phone.  On her missions to find her sisters Killer. She soon realizes that she herself has powers that she was not aware of possessing . Along with being a Fae (fairy) ...There is allot to Mac then she thought !

Heaven is For Real ,By a critic

Heaven is for real

My opinion on this book , it is a great true story . It's a story about a boy named Colton . His father is a pastor and he has a mother and a sister ,later additional brother.
This Book is one of those types of books that take to long to get to the point. Now please do not misunderstand me I am definitely not knocking the book! It is a quick read anyhow . When I borrowed this book from my job (Millville Public Library) I was kind of pleased and relived that I didn't purchase it. The book began to tell you about his father an his ailments instead of about this boys near death experience. 
Long story short let me please justifiably tell you  why I say that I was glad to have borrowed this from my job at the library .Instead of purchasing it. Is because if you Truly  knew me (lol) I already have my very own personal library. So to stop my FiancĂ©e from murdering me .Being that he is a clean ,neat freak . (Geesh talk about ADHD... 
So back to the story , this boy …