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The Demonologist Review

Hello everyone it's been a bit since I been keeping up with my books -n- such! I just finished a Awesome Non-Fiction title. I know you'r thinking ,Non Fiction? Huh since when does Lady Zombie read those? Since there about the Paranormal , in this case I am all over those!
What does everyone believe in? We all have our own idea's and thoughts on Spirituality and the real Paranormal.
The life of Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren ,truly do have the life I always wanted to experience! Ed a Demonologist and Lorraine a Clairvoyance ..together they make a really interesting couple . Dont you think" ?
                         The Extraordinary Career of Ed & Lorraine Warren

Most know of Lorraine from guest appearances on Paranormal State or The Haunting . She is very well known in the Paranormal world.  I have to tell you that my very own personal thoughts on it. I totally am a believer , I seen it for myself! Not demons (Good land man no) but spirits. This was one the most …