Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heaven is For Real ,By a critic

                                                                     Heaven is for real

My opinion on this book , it is a great true story . It's a story about a boy named Colton . His father is a pastor and he has a mother and a sister ,later additional brother.
This Book is one of those types of books that take to long to get to the point. Now please do not misunderstand me I am definitely not knocking the book! It is a quick read anyhow . When I borrowed this book from my job (Millville Public Library) I was kind of pleased and relived that I didn't purchase it. The book began to tell you about his father an his ailments instead of about this boys near death experience. 
Long story short let me please justifiably tell you  why I say that I was glad to have borrowed this from my job at the library .Instead of purchasing it. Is because if you Truly  knew me (lol) I already have my very own personal library. So to stop my FiancĂ©e from murdering me .Being that he is a clean ,neat freak . (Geesh talk about ADHD... 
So back to the story , this boy has this stomach ache and vomit's for like a week. Till somebody takes him to get a professional opinion. He is like the longest living super kid to have a  appendicitis attack. During his time at the hospital he was little by little slipping . All in all when he was under he watched himself along with other family members. He even had a personal moment with Jesus himself. I found this story to be a little bit dragging in the beginning , but n the end . It was a remarkable story , very inspirational. It left feeling at ease about the afterlife a little better. 
Rate : 7
1-3blahhh  4-5 Snoring  7-8 ight  9-good read  10- Keeper

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