Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monster Island By David Wellington

Monster Island : By David Wellington 

I just discovered this phenomenal writer by the name of David Wellington. If you are like me a horror fan , you will simply love this guy. He has alot of different novels to choose from / From zombies to vampires to werewolves. This book is about an epidemic of course that breaks out all over the world. This guy happens not to be in the U.S at the time ,along with his little girl. He was a weapons inspector for the United states . He ended up being a prisoner in another country and this group called Free Women's Republic ( all girl soldiers by the age of like 16 in catholic girl outfits and A.K 47's strapped along there shoulders. I believe the location is in Africa . He then gets sent to find medication for Aids . Being there is nothing left, he must travel on boat to  The UN Head quarters building  The Secretariat Building in NY , America  . The problem is that when they arrive at South Street Seaport everything looks deserted   . Now they must get off that boat and find that building! Keep posted for the rest , Or if your reading this already tell me all about where you are at . Plus what you think.

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