Sunday, September 4, 2011

Orange Sky 

It's a miracle that I even made it this far. The sky is reaching it's famous color of the musky orange ,that it gets come the end of a day. Not that pretty orange we all new from life, when it was a really steaming hot day. The locust were out singing there song telling us another hell burner tomorrow is coming . Lanny thought ,I miss that so much , now I would kill to go back to that time when there were locust or any living thing. In this new world we are lucky to even find anything that is truly living! Anything with flesh and blood don't last. These things smell it out . There is no where to hide.
 Another demon walking flesh eating creature to come out  in the middle of the night or day to feast off someones bones.Well  being that I have not even slept a single night in 4 days. Although these 4 days have turned in to weeks, I think.My god I don't even know what time it is!  Haven't even ate a Morse of a thing ,there is nothing left! Everything is tainted and vandalized and plain ruined. Half of the time ,I cant even stomach having an apatite . My skin just burns rubbing against this concrete ground.With ripped pants and a dirty bloody  shirt. I have to find somewhere to wash ,to relax s. I'm exasperated  completely from running to place to place. My name is Lanny and I am on top of a building in down town Long branch NJ. I have been up here for the last 5 hours . You would think that I would be able to sleep except there is this problem I have." Zombies" there all over , and these types are not the types that look 100 years old and walks mega slow. Oh' no this is a special bread we got going on here! I sit up here with my nine milometer ,praying that I can find the time to get down and re load up on bullets, but I am  to frightened to try . Bullets will slow them down for a few seconds ,but that's all. When I tell you a few seconds ,I mean it gives you just enough time to to get maybe a block away if its really your day of good luck! These things a relentless ! There not only almost as fast as a car ,but there nails are long an curved in the most wickedest way, and there eyes ? Well lets just say that they remind you of cat eyes , extremely large too. I mean abnormally large ,not that any of this is normal anyhow! Now I know your thinking to your self how did this happen . Where is the Navy, Army , Air force? Blow these fuckers out of here! Well they did try , I can vouch for that !  Now there just one among them , crawling and running around feasting . Ever since that last quack we had and it destroyed that nuclear plant out in Sandy hook beach. This was the outcome of that ,god damn radiation damage  .  Every-time they would bury  one in the ground that night they were out , found in someones yard eating there dog.  An then every other day we will have another earthshaking earth-quack ,  and I'm hoping that it swallows those fuckers up.

I hear feet running up the sidewalk from below . Sounds like about 5 of them ,I roll over to the other side of the roof to pear down to the sound. There were 4 of them chasing a cat up the street. I lean in and aim my pistol to one of there heads. Aim and the fired my gun and got it right in the back of that son of bitch's head. He drops the other 3 look around to try to figure out were that came from, the cat got away! Thank goodness ,I could not listen to that poor animal get eaten. The sounds of such a horror will drive any human mad! I lie there on my back praying that they don't figure it out where it came from. Those dead fucks are smarter then you think. I lie there quietly ..I hear feet slowly now walking,not running and it is not away either. I don't like that thought ! I lean to my side so slowly and pull myself up by my right side. So I can try to take a peek over the side. I don't see anyone ,not even the one I shot in the head. Shit I thought out loud , where in the hell .
 As she said that, she saw nails coming over the edge of the building. She scooped back as fast as she could on her rear end back against the other-side. Grabbed her gun shaking and waited for him to come over. Suddenly the clumsy fuck feel right back down from where he came from . She took a deep breathe and darted for the roof top door to get out of there. But her stomach dropped because she remembered what she went threw just to get up there! Their were 4 floors to go threw. Those floors weren't vacant either! 
She swung open the heavy metal door that echoed all the way to the stairs. She froze in fear. Leaned against the closed door and was breathing heavy ,so heavy that she could see her breathe! She can here feet running around behind that door. Screaming this high pitched sound, scratching so effortlessly threw the metal door. 

Continue to follow me to see what Lanny does next...

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