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Orange Sky (Part 2)

Lanny knew this could be it for her . Leaning with the palms of her sweaty hands against the metal door. Feeling it rattle and shake . They were trying so effort-sly to get to her! Her body trembling her mind racing with fear and thoughts. She even held the gun closely and even thought about just ending it all right here , right now! In front of her was a dark long hallway to the stairwell . Too dark you can not even see the stairs after the 3rd one going down. Lanny pulled her self off the door and began to approach the stairs slowly. Holding to the rail she walked down step by step. She could feel the dust and dirt underneath her shoes . Trying to tip toe praying nothing could hear her coming.Lanny kept creeping down step to step. When she got to the 3rd set of steps she froze. There was something standing in the shadow of the hallway corner. Fear struck threw her just like a bolt of lighting . Feeling the fear from the tip of her toes to her hands. It did not move at all. Just stood there like as if it was apart of the wall. She reached in to her side for her gun. Still the body did not make a move ! Almost crossing it face to face she reached into  her pocket for a lighter to get a good glimpse of this. Igniting the lighter close to this things face . She was shocked to see what she saw. It was a man who has been dead for a while. He was actually nailed to the wall to be left , to be eaten . Lanny grabbed her mouth and stomach at the same time the sight was horrendous to see. She began to vomit right there ! She thought to herself ' who and why would anyone do such an act?! 
She crawled to the next set of steps . Glanced over to see if it was safe to move on. It was hard to see because every window was bored-ed up shut and kept any sunlight out. I don't know if they even sleep these things. She heard nothing an began to walk down the last set of steps. Threw the swing-open doors were a window's on each side. As she placed her hands to swing the door open something threw its body against the door. Lanny jumped back,but kicked the door so it couldn't get in! The creature went flying back ,but as fast as it went back.It  took twice  as fast in speed to return. The thing screamed a blood curdling sounds with its mouth wide open and eyes huge. Its hands were on the glass looking right at her. She kept one foot on each door pushing back so it couldn't get in. It screamed and scratched repeatedly , aggressively!  The sound of its voice was like 3 people screaming in-sink together. 
At the moment as she stared at it in struggle of keeping out . She seen the room behind it fill with smoke rapidly. The zombie stopped what it was doing ,as if it sensed something was wrong. Lanny thought to herself  "Geesh never thought that their brains even work anymore.

The zombie disappeared from her sight . Lanny began to feel strange ,like she was drugged Along with feeling a little sleepy, everything turned black..
The next thing that Lanny remembered is being in  a room . In a full size bed with satin  sheets and pillows . Lanny jumped up , took a look around . It was dark , but there were candles lit in the room. Electricity went a long time ago. She stood up on to her feet and began to walk around this huge room. It seems though I'm under ground thought Lanny. That is the last place I would like to be after the quacks and all! She smelt flowers , the sweet sent of pretty roses. Walking around the room she found where the candle lied was a vase of flowers. Wow she said out load I haven't seen anything living like this in so long. She took a deep inhale of the flowers. Heaven she thought, but where am I ?  You would of been dead if I did not discover you said a voice with in the room. Lanny looked around her to see just where that voice was coming from . She picked the tall white pillar candle up and began to walk around to see . Who is that , she went to reach for her gun in her pants ,but it was gone. 
A young man with blond hair and sharp green eyes standing in front of her tossed it towards her. Looking for this he says in a British accent ? Lanny ran towards him and grabbed it off the bed quickly. Who are you and how the hell did I get in here. The man smiled and says well a thank you would be nice. I nearly saved your life doll . As Lanny picked her weapon up she felt more secure. She held it up facing the ceiling ,checking for ammunition and said never touch a girls weapon, Thanks I'm Lanny .  What did you say  your name was  again said Lanny?  I didn't he said as he placed one leg up on the chair leaning forward posing like he was in a fashion catalog.  Lanny looked him in the eye and said don't flatter your self buddy. We got bigger things to do then this. He smiled and responded with Jake . My name is Jake and we are in my parents bomb shelter. While I was out getting some supplies I found you . Never meant to harm you , just them .You were just in the way Luvs . So there for I thought it was special of me to help a pretty lady such as yourself out. You could use the rest no? Lanny plopped down back on the bed and said Funny I was just talking about that subject a couple hours ago!  Tell  me something Jake , are we safe in this place Said Lanny ? Oh well rest your little bum that nothing is gonna happen pretty lady said Jake. I think it's best that you get some more sleep before dawn. We got a long day tomorrow . Lanny looked at Jake and said  You mean more then a long day dude! I have been handling this on my own for days ,weeks .Really I lost track of the time said Lanny in frustration. She leans back on the bed and stares at the ceiling with her blue eyes .Then  curls her tired fingers threw her black curly hair and falls fast sleep. Jake walks over to the door and watches threw the peep whole and waits. 
He waits for another day another night of the orange sky and it's creatures the inhabit in it,

Keep posted for what happens next....


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