Thursday, September 8, 2011

Orange Sky (Part 3)

Lanny awoke from her long over due nap. Feeling re-charged and ready to take on those demons. It was day time now and even though there really aren't any windows it seemed lighter in the room. Lanny stretched her body out in the bed, then looked around to see were Jake was. She arose out of the bed and began to walk and look around . She walked upon a metal door, turning the knob and pushing it open. When she did then she discovered another room. A room something like a greenhouse, it had windows in the ceiling to let the sunlight threw with plants and flowers all around. Walking across the room in amazement she smelt roses and lavender . This room was large with a built in lake in the room . It was very much like a pool ,but meant to be more like a lake. It was amazing to see the waterfall streaming into the man made lake. Lanny quickly took off her shoes and dipped her feet right in . Relaxing placing her head back , her long black curls falling down her back . Closing her eyes in relaxation . For just a moment , for just one second she felt at ease. Forgetting all about the chaos outside these walls , feeling the sun on her freckled face . 
There was even a butterfly flowing around on his man mad trees . Just like as if I was outside somewhere in nature. Jake walks in and says, Well you found my haven . I was going to introduce you to this today. What do you think , he placed himself next to her? She smiled and said how in the world did you do all of this?  Jake laughed and said my father was the one who started all this . Before the earthquake he wanted to make sure that we would be fine if ever a terrorist attack happened . Our family had shelter . My father was a scientist for the government . When this epidermic happened they threw him and there men out there on the front line to try to make peace with those blood sucker's. He tried a vaccine to inject one of them it was suppose to have a reverse affect somehow. Jake face fell in to sadness when he said my father is now among one of them .Jake just stared out in to space and then said . We have a lab a few floors beneath us. Lanny stood up to touch Jake in concern . Jake, Lanny said I am sorry . Jake smiled and said well I am trying to follow in that mans foot steps and create my own vaccine . One that could possibly protect us from a simple to a severe scratch or even a  bite. I have tested it on rabbits , it seems to be working so far. The rabbits are down there caged up , I'm waiting to see what the out come will be. It's been 48 hours. He grabs Lanny by her hand and Say's we might be able to beat this , or at least protect us enough to get in to New York city . If I am right, there is a place were civilization is at . 
Lanny looked at Jake and said you mean there is hope? Jake smiled again and said there is always hope.  well what about this window you have to let sunlight in? Cant they see us, wont they break in Lanny said? Impossible it is tinted on the other side , its bullet and sound proof. Come with me to the lab ,we really don't have much time. They are multiplying bu the dozens . We must try the vaccine and try to get transportation to get to the city. Lanny looked at Jake with a little fear and said let's do this!

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