Saturday, December 17, 2011

Book Chic City Challenge

                                   Book Chic City Challenge for 2012 

Every year  I always try to challenge myself to some type of reading challenge for my self. Book chic city always has something for everyone! There are 4 levels to choose from .  The timeline is from Jan. 2012-Dec 2012. 
One Chomp: Read 6 zombie books
Two Chomp: Read 12 Zombie books 
Three Chomp: Read 18 Zombie books
Four Chomp: Read 24 Zombie books 
What will I decide ...hmmm ..will you join along with us?? And what will you decide?

Zombie girls/Lady Journal book of the week : 

Blood Rites By : Quinn Loftis


Best Book Ever!
Great Addition to My Library
Needs Work
Free rater by ParajunkeeDesign

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