Sunday, December 11, 2011

Great Authors Corner

I have discovered something since I have been on the subject of Werewolves this week! There is an author that rights so many in that genre. An excellent one might I add (kiss kiss) Terry Spears, she is phenomenal! Girlfriend you put the romance in black and white . Being that Alpha has been my Thang these day's.
I bring to you a list of them .

This first title received, A 2008 Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year Award Winner!
Night Owl Romance Reader Choice Award for Best Paranormal 2008..You go girl

This next treat Publishers Weekly say's "Chilling suspense and sizzling romance... The dark, sexy alpha hero will capture you-body, mind, and soul."
-Nicole North, author of Devil in a Kilt
"If action, romance, and suspense are what you are looking for in a story, then look no further."
-Night Owl Romance

Heart of a Wolf is Book 1 of the series :

Praise for Terry Spear she is (A) OK in my book of Great Titles! We love you , and keep up the great work! As for the rest of you Alpha readers get out to your local library and get your reading on! Keep in mind though people, if you don't feel like buying it and you wanna borrow from your library .Then you get there and they don't have it , put in a request!! It's worth the wait.

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