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Lara Adrian Virtual Book Signing


First off I can not believe that's it almost Christmas time. I was checking books out today to patrons and there receipts would say 01/05/2012! Really is it almost 2012 already? Where did the time all go?! I haven't even began to start the holiday season . But that's me waiting till the stores are jammed pack ,elbow to elbow of people. So Happy Holiday Season To All ! Now I was doing my daily research on my wonderful authors and novels , and so I came across an email form the Lara Adrian website . It Say's a Virtual Signing at for Darker After Midnight . For those of you who participated in the Virtual Signing for Taken By Midnight last year, you know how this works. For everyone else, please read on for details on how you can get a personalized, autographed hardcover copy of Chase's book--signed by me and mailed out to you on the U.S. release date, January 24, 2012.
Orders will be accepted only through the Virtual Signing page at The price of the book is discounted from $24.00 to $18.95 USD (plus shipping) and each order includes the following bonus items: set of series bookmarks, logo pen and koozie. All orders must be received by Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. Orders can only be accepted online, payable via credit card; all transactions will be handled by PayPal (you do NOT need a PayPal account in order to purchase) and the order form located on Lara's website. Although you are purchasing your book(s) in advance, they will not ship out until Tuesday, January 24, 2012. This Virtual Signing is open to both U.S. and international orders, except where prohibited by law.
Please Note: This Virtual Signing event is limited to the first 700 orders, and there is a 2 book order maximum per person. Once the 700 limit is reached, the system will automatically stop accepting new orders. If you enter your purchase information and get a receipt for your order, you're in!
For a complete list of ordering guidelines and to place your order, please visit And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact them at


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