Monday, December 26, 2011

The New Love in Genre

                                         ( Ghosts
So I discovered a that the genre to love is not just vampires anymore. No it's ghosts are the new trend setter in the Novel world. Gals and Guys I present to you my first choice is Super Naturally Kissed by Stacey Kennedy .

             This one reaches the Hot Meter

The Ghost seem to like to harass little Miss Tess . Simply because they want her to save their souls. Sometimes she will assist the needy and sometimes she will just ignore them . Until one day one comes along , and this one won't take No for an answer! !

                                              Spiritus BK.1 

Becca decides to move back home in her ancestral home. When the house starts to take up a life of it's own, with a puzzling turn. She meets the ghost that is haunting the joint ! This sexy spirit lure's her closer and closer to him. She then begins to learn about her past and how some mistakes are meant to happen!

                                       Happy Early New Year 

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