Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Release December

Finally something on the different side. I mean I really never can get enough of vampires, zombies and witches etc. But being the true horror fan that I am, time and time again we need a change. Its like eating the same breakfast everyday! All seriousness I am super siked about this one! Take a peak at the preview that I provided for you bellow.


Some doors are better left unopened.
Join teenager Rebecca 'Becka' Williams, her brother, Scott, and friend Ryan Riordan as they head for mind-bending clashes between the forces of darkness and the power of God.

The Dark Power Collection brings together three fast-paced novels of the supernatural by bestselling author Bill Myers.

The Society When is a game more than just a game? When it's a Ouija board in the hands of a group of students who use it as part of their occult rituals---and who view Rebecca and Scott as a threat to their power. A showdown is imminent.

The Decieved Hypnotized by a speaker on reincarnation, Becka is caught up in experiences so eerie and powerful that they nearly strangle her faith and destroy her life.

The Spell Bent on getting revenge on Becka for her interference, the Society begins a scare campaign complete with spells and curses. But the campaign quickly gets out of hand. Only one thing can save Becka---something she must discover on her own.

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