Saturday, December 10, 2011

Paranormal Romantically involved with Werewolves!

I know being a woman we crave to read something that will bring romance to the imagination. Almost like we picture to be the girl in the novel ,the damsel in distress per-say .
I wonder if it means we lack romance from our partner's or not,to each their own! (Gentleman don't hate me if your girls punch after reading this!)
But in my case that just might be so. So I decided to do some digging research for my fellow follower's and seek you a fantastic tale on paranormal romance. I am not to sure what it is , is it that manly idea of a strong broad chest & dark hair and eyes kind of guy? Is that mystery in a man in that type of position in a novel. Like the sexy character in True blood named Alcide...Ladies am I lying ? For those of you chosen few, that have not seen the HBO Series!(Wake up and catch up!) I gathered up a pic and you decide for yourself.
Hmmmm...... So here is also a couple of novels that might intriguing to you .

Wolf Mates :Karilyn Bentley

Her Chosen Wolf by:Renee Michaels

Yours and Mine :by Kinsey W. Holley (Goodreads Author)

by Kate Steele

By H.T Night

This one caught my eye and even though we have the Twilight series. This one seemed intriguing to me. Vampires VS.Werewolves.

byTrinity Blacio,Kate Early,Azura Ice,Lori Perkins (Editor)

byTrinity Blacio

(Just keep in mind some of these titles I found at Barnes and & they are E Books.
Enjoy ~

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