Sunday, January 8, 2012

E-books Part 2


Amazon has an awesome section of E-books. As you know on my every day searching for you . Of great Paranormal love stories . I did come across a couple that I missed yesterday , so here is a part 2 of my blog from yesterday!  My First novel I bring is.......
                                              ~BOUND BK.1~
16 year old Arelia lives in New Orleans , where the music is load , Voodoo queens inhabit every street corner! Plus there is the spirit world where the ghosts are alive and well! All Arelia wants to do is help her  Grand-mere Bea pay bills and go to school. When her Bestie convinces her to start working at Dark wood  plantation . She begins to notice somethings about this place, when strange things start to happen. Not to mention the cute guy named Lucas who's family owns the place ,starts to ask her for help....Soon the powers she has been in deniable about all her life come out to play . She discovers mysteries about herself she could never have imagined!
                                 Prides Run By: Cat Kalin 

  17 year old Pride is a Tracker-Werewolf! And she is hungry for blood. She was taught well to trick and lore you in. A real killing machine!! Sadly she has a master who keeps her trapped in a basement and he intends to breed her. She wants to get away and run. She dreams of freedom and living a normal life. Escaping from where she is seems next to impossible ,plus leaving always comes with a price of being disobedient!  


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