Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Forest Of Hands & Teeth By Carrie Ryan

         The Forest OF Hands & Teeth Review : Carrie Ryan
This review that I am giving on this title is on the old side. But I quickly realized that I have not given one yet. Or if I did for some strange reason I can not place it! This book to me was so good it deserves another review anyhow!

When this novel came out she is this hot new author. Who has come out with this awesome novel? I am really surprised that no one ever thought of this story line prior!! She is a genius for it! You know most zombie novels or movies that came out are mostly the same. There is something that causes people to turn. It’s always in some suburban neighborhood. Brain’s, Brain’s we want brains! (Lol )
In this magnificent story of a lonely girl named Mary who has always dreamed about seeing the ocean. See Mary’s world is not like our world! She lives in a forest in a gated community. When I tell you that it is a gated community? I’m saying this gated community is a little village in the center of the forest. It has this metal gate all around it for protection! You might think, Protection? Yes from the wanderers that wander around the forest! By the way these wander’s there zombies!  


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