Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Book Year 2012

This has truly been a long crazy year for me ! But one Marvely thing I can tell you is that it has been one of The ' Best year of great books!!  From great paranormal love stories to ghosts to zombies, to Wolves!! Love can not get enough of it!
First up today is .....  (Definition of Marvely ) Super ,great , :) and yes I have my very own vocabulary . Why not!

                                                   Savor By Megan Duncan 
It was Megan's 18th birthday and she had decided to spend it out on the town .Of course with a couple of her girlfriends. Only to awake the very next morning to someone she didn't know. This someone wasn't human either, this someone is a Vampire ! Plus has decided to turn Meg in to a Vampire too! But not just any vampire , this will be a vampire with Royalty .So she will not only be 18 but a Royal Princess Vampire & 18 for life !

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