Friday, January 6, 2012

Lady Journal's Novel Mania !

Hey hey everyone , I hope you all  are off and enjoying your great weekend to come ! There is nothing like a Friday!  keep in mind my 25th Follower wins a free copy of Kim Harrison's latest novel!!   

Today I found a novel that became intriguing to me and I'm sure that you might think so too! 
The title is ,  The Alchemy of Forever :An Incarnation Novel  By: Avery Williams 

The old saying goes to say ,....Love never dies . Although it just might be the death of Seraphina ! 
Seraphina has been alive since the middle ages . Her boyfriend Cyrus managed to a perfect a method alchemy that allows them to swap bodies with any human. But Sera decided to runaway from Cyrus when she noticed that it was killing people! Although she doesn't wanna die, so she would find people that were near death and inhabit there bodies. So she lands in a body of a girl named kailey  who was about to die in a car accident . For the first time she falls in-love with the life she is in now. Plus she falls for the boy next door too. And soon it is clear that feelings are mutual. The problem in that section is she cant even give him a kiss if she wanted to ,it would kill him! If her lips touch his (a human) he would just die. Also there is more then just this to worry about ! Cyrus is also hunting her down

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                                            Every Other Day BY:Jenifer Barnes
Publisher's Weekly are calling this a Modern Day Buffy! 
    Every other day Kali De'Angleo is your normal teen.  Attends  Public School, attends Prep Rally's . She's Human !! 
But the days in Between ,she is something different entirely. She may still appear to be herself . Every 24 hours predatory instincts kick in and she becomes a feared Demon slayer!

                                Coming soon this month....

Kresley Cole :  


      Ever died & came back ? Delaney Maxwell has!
Fracture By: Megan Miranda              01/17/2012

Grave Minders :By Melissa Marr                    01/17/2012

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