Sunday, January 15, 2012

This weeks I have covered something a little bit on the different side for me. I usually just post about Paranormal Novels . If its straight horror to a Paranormal Romance.
I have decided that being a mother myself why not suggest something for the kiddies. So along my web search that I prepare all week long for my followers I found this wonderful title , a tittle that is so old . But yet still sends the message of a great magical  story to told. I bring to you ....              

                                                     Once Upon A Time
                      By Brothers Grimm & Kevin Tong 
            Beautifully illustrated book of 30 Titles,
            From Snow white..
                * The Frog and The Prince
                * Rumpelstiltskin 
                 * The Bremen Towns Musicians 
                 * The Elves
                 * Little Red Cap
                 * The Fisherman and his wife
                 * Tom Thumb
                 * Sleeping Beauty 
                 & Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair!  
Today I am going to post about novel .That I find to be written about a fascinating topic (The After Life)
Life after death , how many of you have thought about it at one point in time in your life? I know that I certainly have! Another question who has heard of the author Raymond Moody? He has written so many books on this subject and also had done over100 clinical tests on people. Who have experienced the afterlife. 

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