Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursdays Thriller Y.A

Thriller Thursday is a blog about updated Y.A Genre. But you know me , age isn't nothing but a number to me when it comes to a good story!
This particular novel is on sale as we speak at  for .99 cents!!

                         Brightness Kind Of Darkness
                   By : P.T Michelle & Patrice Michelle 
Patrice Michelle also wrote A Taste for Revenge ...Which I will post shortly after this review. I am such a big sucker for a good paranormal romance!! Geesshh....:)
Nara Collins is an average girl. Except this one issue of reoccurring dreams of premonitions! Every night she dreams of what is to come the following day.  Due to something that had already has happened to her , she wont use her gift to change fate!!  That is until something comes along that cant be avoided !  Once Nara avoided' s a incident at school. Her powers began to fade, and more and more people began to get hurt.  Grappling at her diminishing powers , with a dying need to prevent another disaster.  Then she meets a handsome fella named Ethan Harris . This mysteries boy understands her more then anyone ever has! 
(Customer Reviews) 5 out of 5 star Review

                        Vampire Diaries
                          Stefan's Diaries
                            The Asylu

The Hunter's Become The Hunted.....        5 STARS

                                            They say revenge is a dish best served cold , 
Who doesn't know this any better then Jacqueline. Her father has always spoke of revenge against all vamp's!!  The scar runs so deep in their family . She lost her mother giving birth to her. They blame the vampire who bitten her! After that they dedicated their lives in destroying all vampires. That is until her father was viciously killed by one. Now she will pick up where he left off. Starting with the Vampire that killed him! 
 5 out 5 stars 

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