Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dead Toss Waves Review

I just finished The Dead-Toss Waves it was AWESOME! Now if you haven't had the pleasure to read Carrie Ryans first book to this series. Which is the Forest of Hands and Teeth , read that first! This one is the 2nd in the series.  The main character Gabry live in a town that is off the beach . That is fully protected by not the police or army as you and I know it. But by Recruiter's, A.K.A Milita ..maybe short for Military???Which are very much like them. This is their version of an army after the great fall of the return ( Zombies) scary world to live in. Don't go past the beach over the fence in to the forest. For it would mean breaking the law in Vista . It could mean allot of different things ,something so severe could be as your punishment like being cast out of Vista to fend for yourself with the Mudo ,Unconsecrated ,( Zombies) .
Well in Gabys case her and a group of friends decide to wonder one night that turns in to a deadly evening . So deadly that only a few returned . But Gabry was able to get away before the rest. So now she must watch as all her friends be punished. Amoung theses friends is her best friend Cira and her brother Catcher in which Gaby feels strongly for. This is great story of pure terror and love . When I was reading this I was full of so many different emotions going , that I couldn't put it down!!

This is a glimpse of the first one (the forest of Hands and teeth)

Next year the movie will be out . I am so excited about it that I already picked my version of some of the characters.

 Mary ( I know I know she was in Twilight But she is perfect for the role!)
                                                            The Dead Toss Waves

   Cira her character is kind of what I pictured to be a tuff Blondie . What a better girl to pick!

Last I pick Elia's character .....
If anyone is reading this like me ,I would love to here what you think?            

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