Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturdays Book Talk

Happy Weekend Book lovers & Bloggers! This week was a truly hectic week and for some ungodly reason ! The weather was just as serious in New Jersey /Philadelphia Area. One minute you do not know if you are to just were a sweater ,or coat & scarf. I mean it is Febuary, right?!
How many of you readers , read self published novels? I am curious to know this .Being when ever you see book blog's. You usualy see famous authors novels. (Usauly)
Well I have decided to dedicate a day out of every week for Athours that are just starting out. The first title I am going to post today ,

                                               DEMONS AT DEADNIGHT                                                         (Divinivus Nex Chronicles #1)
                                                        A&E Kirk
                                                      Paranormal Young Adult
                                                     404 pages

Just to let everyone know a fellow blogger that I follow is having a giveaway .Please feel free to enter if interested . At Supernatural snark  (Follow this link)  '

As I was browse  around I found a very interesting article about self publishers
Authors like Amanda Hocking did a good job  self publishing on her own . She states in her interveiw , I dont know if I can say I did better then using a Publisher . But I do know that I am doing pretty good on my own.
Check out the link to USA Today
Another Great Author Felicity Heaton , author of just newly released Covet & Heart Of Darkness.

Website Link :

Another one Kelly Abell ,wrote A Haunted Mirror ,
                       You can find on Smash Mouth or , in E-book formats.

  There are so many great Authors I can sit here all day and read and research them
all for you . So I have decided to come up with a list for your own records . 

       Self    Published    Authors     Novels             
 Laura Kaye                                                   Forever Freed
Robin Wright                                                  Fae Nights
Kimberley Reeves                                          Whispers to the Heart
Jessica Musso                                                 The Secret Of Moose River
Jade cooper                                                      Dark Consent (Dark Vampire Series)
Lucy Swing                                                     Bloody Valentine    
Kimberely Hall                                               Betrayal Born of Blood  
Karnia Halle                                                    Lying Game (Experiment in Terror series)
Shawn Chesser                                                Soldier On: Serving the Zombie Appocalypse
B.M Hodges                                                     Zombie Fever

These are only a few of selfpublishers out there. Find more at

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