Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Lady Zombie Say's......
All seriousness if you are a good blogger and you want to keep your followers, and then please listen up  to what I’m trying to  tell you. Stop REPEATING, daily about something that bothers you. About something another blogger had stolen from you. We get it ,  plagiarism is wrong. But 3 days of it is enough already!! They’re really are some excellent bloggers out there. Almost too many to keep up with daily. But there was a particularly one that keep talking about a touchy topic, that has everything to do with writing. Yes sure I agree. Please don’t get me wrong. But after 2 or 3 days with the email updates on the same subject in different categories or strategies of expressing something. I was ready to delete you all together. People that read blogs about books, want to see your blog article’s on ,guess what BOOKS! Not what upsets you ,sorry . I do not mean to sound like a -itch. But onething you will learn about LadyZombie is straight forward hard core truth. And lady your boring me!
Alright on with Zombie Ladies Journal , I discovered another lovely Y.A. author by the name of
Jodi Morse & Jayme Morse  
Both sisters together had written a novel, in which by the way I think is the coolest! The girls have a couple series out there. Here is a clip of one from there webpage :
One called Briar Creek (a vampire tale)
Sixteen year-old Lexi Hunter is just an ordinary teenager wishing that her life could be as exciting as a reality tv show when her mom receives a phone call with the news that Lexi’s cousin, Austin, was killed. She and her mom return to Briar Creek, the town that they left ten years ago, never looking back.
    During their stay, Lexi falls head-over-heels for Gabe, the dark and mysterious guy who lives across the street and goes to the same high school that Austin went to. Lexi’s Aunt Violet and Uncle Tommy insist on her staying away from him due to his violent behavior and instead urge her to pursue a relationship with Dan, Austin’s best friend.
    In an effort to learn more about the cousin she barely knew, Lexi snoops through Austin’s belongings. Soon,
she begins to uncover puzzling details that make her believe that Austin wasn’t really attacked by an animal the night he was killed – details that may already be putting her own life in danger.
Kiss of Death is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


When fifteen year old Samara McKinley is bitten by a wolf, she doesn’t realize how much her world will be turned upside down.
    After strange things begin happening to her, Samara discovers that the wolf who bit her wasn’t just an ordinary wolf; it was a werewolf. Caught in a web of family secrets, Samara finds that her life is far more complicated than she ever could have imagined.
    Howl #3 July 15th
  Briar Creek #5 released August

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