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Hot as Hell Friday Review

Blog World I'm a New Jersey/Philadelphia chic . I am so frigging not use to this Microwave heat that NJ has been giving the last few days. It's bad enough that Jersey reminds of hell ,now it's official!! Lmfao 


                                    TWILIGHT SAGA 

                                       (after thought) 

 Twilight is soon to be released and I just have to give my 2 cents on that. One word Boring! I mean I am very sorry to say , but Stephanie the next time you come out with a wonderful series. Dont take a lifetime to release the sequel to the ending. Seriously I was write along with all those teens in line at the movies with my 14 year old. Thrilled to death We were so Team Jacob.  But now it's been so long since the book, since the first movie. Now it is just old. I wouldn't be surprised at all that when it hits theaters it doesn't sell big.
I really did love the series ,but the ending sucked. I do not know why she would have Jacob in print on a baby. Little weird. . .

                                           Summer release's to think about :


                                                     T.B.R LIST 
                      coming soon.....


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