Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stop the Publishers !!!


Hey everyone are you enjoying the coolness outside on the East-coast or what? For once I am actually home all alone ,no teens making any noise in the background. In desperate need to knock Mommy off the computer .Because we all know America Teens need their internet access ! OMG the world is gonna end mom I need Face-book!!

        As a librarian assistant it is also part of my job to help out with cataloging . I am not to sure how all other libraries work it . But at our's the staff does a little bit of everything. I do alot of book suggesting for our library . Mainly for the Paranormal- Horror and Y.A genre.
The reason I get on to this subject is, something is really bothering with me. Publishers are really making things unnecessarily Ridiculous ,along with some authors !! Everyone knows how essential the Library is to a neighborhood, a community?   Why make it hard for us? As if we don't do enough struggling with funds! That you must hack up E-book prices?  


Please check it out !

How many of us buy  E-books ? Enough of us ,but is everyone aware of what Publishers are doing to your local library ? They have tripled prices for certain authors like James Patterson. Publishers like Random House , across the board popular genre's have went up in price by 300%! You are not finding anything under 25$ if your a library! It's unheard of ,some common titles are actually $100 a title.  Publishers like  Simon & Schuster ,Penguin don't allow lending to Libraries what so ever!
To read more about this article please click this link to the post!
We must stop this ! Please sign the Petition to send this message to Publishers!

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