Sunday, October 28, 2012

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Wow man Millville Public Library is becoming a more modern and Happening spot . I can remember back when I was a young girl . I use to come down to South Jersey to visit my family. Millvile had dirt roads and was nothing but country. Now we have Authors coming to little South Jersey Public Library . We also now have a theater where famous people can come to perform .Now it may not be Singers I wanna see. But its a change , I will give credit where credit is due! Next month in November we will be having Author Kristen Battestella at the Library. 

Kristin came out with The Series: The Vampire Family
Antonio Welshire was sadistic even before Mestiphles turned him into a vampire. Over the centuries, the Welshire patriarch has had his favorites--his tormented wife Elizabeth and her exotic sister Ann, just to name a few. Victoria's whims rival that of her father's, but daughter Samantha spends the decades looking for an end to this macabre vampire existence. Not all of Antonio's dark children want to be part of The Vampire Family. They've survived coven wars and persecutions, but can The Vampire Family survive each other?

                                                 Featured Titles:
                   The Vampire family Chronicles: Fate and Fangs 
                          Love and The Viking
                          Punishment : Lilith's Trials
                         Struggle : Elizabeth in America
                        Debauchery : Victoria's Burning
                 Lust : James at The Sundowner
                 Humanity: A Letter From Gaston
                 Resurrection : Stephanie after the Lilithan 

I'm super excited about her appearance , she is not only a local author from the South Jersey area. But she happens to write my favorite Genre (horror). I have the first title she had written (The Vampire Family) in which you can buy at Eternal Press or Amazon.
Or you can just come and attend and buy an autograph copy of your own!!

                            NOV.5 2012 6 PM

                                           @ Millville Public Library
             Call to sign up to attend : 856-825-7087

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