Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Night Hunt

Blog Nation once again I have returned ,a Rebel with out a cause. Just kidding . .
Aren't we all ecstatic that its Friday. I would be right along with ya . If I didn't have to open the library tomorrow morning . But all in all I love what I do.
Something to talk about , let's say all my life . Since I can even remember as far back as possible. I always wanted to learn as much as I could about the paranormal. Be it ghosts, aliens, NJ Devil ,what ever. I wanted to know all about it. I can remember that this is one of the main reasons that got me in to reading. My very first chapter book was at my Nanny's house and the book belonged to my uncle .At that time lived at my Nana's house. There was a four year difference between the two of us. So he was more like my brother. But the book that I was reading was all about this demon. Back in the early 1900 the Governor of NJ( Walter Edge) stated  the demon . New Jerseys Official State Demon. Can you imagine a man of such a prestige, talking like that? I thought it was pretty neat.

In 1939, the New Jersey Devil was reportedly named the Official State Demon. Walter Edge, twice governor of the state, was quoted as saying: "When I was a boy. . . I was never threatened with the bogey man. . . we were threatened with the Jersey Devil, morning noon, and night." Periodic sightings and theories will probably continue for generations to come. Or at least until the Jersey Devil emerges from the mists of the Pine Barrens himself to tell us his own story.
Discussing all this leads to a title that I just finished .

The Day Satan Called : By Bill Scott

                                                                      5 Stars
Bill Scott is this Rev who hosts a radio talk show . One so not so typical day he comes in to the station only to find his co-host Freaked out of his mind. When the co-host began to tell Bill that he just spoke to a demon . Bill wasn't to sure how to take that. I mean lets all be real about the situation . Wouldn't you think that this guy is just pulling your chain? Only to  find that the phone began to ring again. Bill of course hoped on that option to see just what exactly might really be going on!? When on the other end of that call was a 16 year old girl crying for someones help. . . .
I found this Non-fiction to be simply fascinating!
This is a true account coming from Bill Scott . About what he Indore those months . Back when a demon decided to walk in to his life. Now I bet there is plenty of controversy that is going to go on about such a subject. But I believe these things truly exists! This man Bill Scott went over and beyond to help this girl. To understand all that I am saying you must read this book. This girl calls his show and tells these Christians about this cult or Coven .  She is held prisoner in. About how these witches use her to breed babies . Just to have them sacrificed in there rituals. Can you imagine 16 years old , living is such horror. As a Christian you wanna save this girl . Read this book to find out the outcome for Bill and this poor young girl. Definitely give it 5 stars!

 Here is another title worth reading . Another true account of a haunting or of the Paranormal. This is a true story about a couple and a baby who moves in to a home that is wickedly haunted. This is their story.  
 Recently I decided to start my own investigating . So I chose a local cemetery and went there to see if I could find anything paranormal. Here is what I found, tell me can you see the apparition in the photo?

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